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Birth Name: Tinkerton Billimue Rockwillup Pick Cogsproket the Fourth

Nicknames: Tink

Race: Gnome

Age: 38, young for a gnome, only just past the beginning of his Bleaching.

Parents: Ridivig and Illia Cogsproket. Both are currently incarcerated in the prisons of Helms Watch, accused of the negligent homicide of over one hundred men, women and children.

Identifying Marks: Harsh alchemical burns cover the majority of Tink’s body, leaving only his face and left shoulder untouched. Tink tends to hide these scars using both magical and mundane means, though he will occasionally leave them visible, more out of forgetfulness than anything else.

Temple Duties: Assistant Apothecary, Alchemical Supplier, Roof Cleaner, Firework Maker

Favoured Weapon(s): Self-made Bombs, Heavy Crossbow

Pet(s): A female rat called Pip and a riding dog called Roe.

Disposition: Talkative, Loyal, Disingenuous, Pragmatic, Sneaky

Characteristics: Pale, Pallid, Quick, Fidgety

World Views: The world is unfair, authority tends to overreach, and it is up to the people to balance both. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. The good have a duty to help the needy, protect the weak and fight back the dark. There is no greater cause. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun while you do it.

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Temple Archives - Tink

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