You all have lived your lives in or around the small town of Kassen, located in the northern wilderness of Dumagrad. Life is peaceful, for the most part, along the arterial river which empties into the sea through the northern glaciers. The occasional goblin raid on the homesteads and farms that dot the landscape around Kassen is really the only threat the area has had in some time.

Within the last week, these goblin raids have picked up in frequency and intensity, causing a few farmers to flee their home and lands to the safety of the walled town. Just yesterday word of an attack on a homestead reached Kassen, but by the time the Town Watch volunteers arrived, all the sheep had been removed and the people slaughtered and partially eaten. Goblins are known for their voracious appetites.

Mayor Uptal has requested that the most capable in town (the party!) come to his home to discuss the state of things, and perhaps come up with a solution to the escalating goblin presence.

The Shadow Wood

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